Sacred Sites of Wales

I’ve been assisting on some new websites for the Awakened Heart Sangha and the first one to be published is

The website is all about the sacred sites in Wales, where to find and visit them and how to engage and connect with the sacred landscape and spaces.

The site also looks at pilgrimages to sacred sites, particularly in and around North Wales which is where the Sangha and The Hermitage Buddhist retreat centre – its own sacred space, is based.

The tradition of pilgrimage can be found across most religions and working on the website I found out more about Buddhist pilgrimages, how it started (it was suggest by the historical Buddha for his followers to do after his death) and what Buddhists do on pilgrimages, how they engage with these sacred sites and what rituals and practices are undertaken.


I was particularly interested in finding out about ‘Smoke Pujas’ as this ritual offering was something I’d seen photos of but wasn’t sure what it was all about. Fascinating stuff! The ritual “removes negative forces and intensifies positive energy in the participants and the landscape” and the ashes are kept for the next smoke puja so there’s an unbroken chain. Find out more about this interesting ritual on the Buddhist pilgrimage page of

I’ve really enjoyed working on site and finding out more about the sacred sites of Wales, and it’s so fascinating what a strong Buddhist connection there is in North Wales, I think people would be surprised about the strong links to Tibetan Buddhism in Wales, how many revered Lamas have visited and blessed several of the sacred places there.

It boggles my mind that H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, such a revered Tibetan teacher and the teacher all Lama Shenpen‘s teachers, (who’s shrine and relics we visited in Nepal) is the reason why Lama Shenpen and the Sangha is based in North Wales, and that we have such a close connection to him. That story is also on the sacred sites page at – and you can find out more about the amazing lineage of teachers the Awakened Heart Sangha is connected to, through Lama Shenpen, HERE.

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